9 Ways to Personalise your Wedding Ceremony

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Your wedding day will be filled with special and memorable moments. But it’s your ceremony that is the center of the celebrations, after all it’s why everyone joins together.  And who say’s it’s only the reception that’s the fun part.  Your ceremony is not only a chance to express your love and commitment to each other, but also a chance to reflect who you are as a couple, be inventive , and involve those you who are close to you.

Here are some wonderful ways which the Brisbane Marriage Celebrants can help you along with;

Your Love Story

Everyone enjoys a good love story, especially of those close to them. And when is there a better time to tell it than at your wedding ceremony?  We can include the silliest and the most loving moments.  It’s always nice to reminisce.


Your Love Story

Family Connections

Honour your family members; parents and grandparents. Make them a part of your ceremony either by requesting their blessing, thanking them, asking them to act as your witnesses.   This Bride’s bouquet is full of family brooches.  You could even share pictures of their wedding day.  One couple went as far as having their Mothers and Grandmothers wedding dresses displayed.  A fascinating and beautiful touch.


Family Connections in your Ceremony

Bring Along Pouch

We’ve held many a wedding where the couple have brought along their family pet, and why not, after all they are part of the family. They can join the bridal party and walk down the aisle, join in the wedding photo’s and even present the rings.  Don’t leave them at home ;O)


Bring along pouch to your wedding

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Involve the Wedding Party in your Ceremony

We love the ‘Crowd Pleasing’ moments, and as a fun loving celebrants, we often encourage the wedding party to be involved. Why not include a ‘Ring Warming’ where we would pass the rings around during the ceremony asking everyone to warm them with their love and support for you both.  Your guests will love to be made to feel a part of it.


Involving your Wedding Party

Personal Vows

Many couples cringe at the idea of writing their own vows… after all where do they begin? Of course your vows can be kept simple, and may be follow a traditional format, ie “to have and to hold from this day forward”.  But there are many ways to put together something personal and unique to yourselves; Write your own words, take ideas references of vows (we have lots) or use a format which each of you follow and tweak to personalise.


Exchanging Personal Vows

Family Sand Ceremony

We’ve married many couples with either established families or joining families. For this the Family Sand Ceremony works beautifully… the kids will love the pouring of the sand and it will make a wonderful family photo.

Family Sand Ceremony

Include the family into your wedding ceremony

Symbolic Ritual

There are so many symbolic rituals that you can incorporate into a ceremony, from candle ceremonies, rose & wine ceremonies, hand fasting etc etc. We have lots of ideas we would love to share.  Holding a ritual during your ceremony is a great opportunity to personalise your ceremony, and none of them are set in stone.  A ritual can be created to symbolise you as a couple.  A great example is from Lizzie and Rob’s wedding.  Being wedding photographers themselves, they chose to hold a ritual where a friend, after walking down the aisle, presented them with a polaroid camera.  They used this to take a photo of each other, and then went on to take a selfie.  A wonderful personal ritual reflecting themselves, and of course a great keepsake.


Symbolic Ceremony ideas

Guest Book

There are so many ways for guests to contribute to your memorabilia. Be it a guest book, wishing well, or treasure box.  And what about a Photobooth?  It’s a wonderful way to capture the progression of the day.  Check out www.thephotoboothguys.com.au

Celebrants Photo Booth

Brisbane Marriage Celebrants Photo Booth

Create a Wedding Time Capsule

Another wonderful way to involve everyone in your marriage. Ask your guests for a letter,  or token, that they can present for your ‘Wedding Time Capsule’.  These can be anything from well wishes to marriage advice, from memories to future predictions.  Pass the box around during the ceremony, and then seal until a significant anniversary.  An anniversary to look forward to.


Ceremony idea Marriage Time capsule

For even more ideas on HOW TO PERSONLISE YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY, contact The Brisbane Marriage Celebrants, we have so many more ideas!!

Written by; Ketrina Coffey, Civil Celebrant Brisbane www.civil-celebrant-brisbane.com.au

Ketrina Coffey Marriage Celebrant