Kate Mackie

Hello beautiful Marrying People!!

I used to kick off by saying that I’m a ‘no fuss’ Celebrant. What I’ve come to discover in over 5 years as a Celebrant, is that really, I do a lot of fuss – but in a ‘highly-detailed-information-gathering’ and ‘attention-to-detail-planning’, behind the scenes kind of way. This ensures your ceremony runs smoothly, and is nothing but a highly memorable celebration of you and your love!!!

I’ll include plenty of personalisation and special touches throughout your ceremony, and ensure that everything you could think of (and even the things you didn’t) are taken care of; all wrapped up in a lot of pink, and an equal amount of sparkle!

Based in Meanjin/Brisbane, I am a strong advocate for the celebration of all love, and can’t wait to help create your wedding day! With 25 years experience as a performer and wedding singer, I have certainly seen a lot of ceremonies – so let’s meet to discuss Your Date With Kate!